My account for buyers

Your account enables you to manage your buying activities. You can:

  1. View all your orders at ChemCenters.

  2. Post Request for Quotation (RFQ) for ChemCenters' sellers.

Viewing your order

You can view and follow every order you make at ChemCenters. For each order you will be able to view:

  • Sequential number A unique number for every order. This number will help you and ChemCenters identify each of your orders.

  • Ordered date The date you made your order, it is filled automatically.

  • Paid date The date in which the seller receives your money transaction. This date is filled by the seller after he receives and confirms the money transaction of your order.

  • Shipped date The date in which your order was shipped. This date is filled by the seller.

  • Note: In case your order was sent with more then one shipment, the date will represent the date of the last shipment.

  • Delivered date The date you receive your order. This date is filled by you and it represents that you confirm receiving the order.

  • Price Total amount of the order in US dollars.
    To view all details of each order, press on the sequential number of any order and the full order's information will be opened.

Post RFQ

Every buyer at ChemCenters can post unlimited requests for quotation. Each request for quotation is reviewed by ChemCenters' team and is posted on our RFQ List. Every answer for RFQ will be forward to the user who post it.

Learn more about Posting RFQ