My Account for Sellers

List and Update your products

Every seller at ChemCenters is responsible for managing his products. In the "List & Update Products" page you can view, update and delete existing products and also add new products. The page consists of rows for each one of your products. In each row you can view:

  • Id – each product in ChemCenters has a unique Id that is used for identification only.

  • Image – the product's image (photo) that you entered.

  • Product/Part number – the name of your product.

  • Id number –Your Id number for your products. In case you used to mark your products with your own Id number, for your convenience, you can add for each of your products your Id number.

  • Qty – You can view the product's quantity in stock. It is used to limit the ordered product quantity for buying. Note: If a buyer orders products from you, the quantity of products he ordered from you will be reduced automatically from your quantity at stock.

  • Status – You can view the chosen status of each of your product. Your options: Normal, Hidden, unavailable.

  • Note – A note you can enter for each product for your convenience. This note can be viewed only by you.

Add a new product - Press "Add Product" button above the products' table, new product form will be opened and then fill the information of your product.

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Update details of your product – press the link on the Id number of the wanted product. Then a product form will be opened and you will be able to view and change al details of the product.

Delete products - Mark the wanted products in the small box on the left side of the product's row and then press "delete marked" button above the products' table.

Upload files and images to your account (product's MSDS, photo etc.)

In order to attach files to your product (such as: MSDS, Test Report, Article etc.) enter the "Upload files & images" page in the suppliers zone. Then browse your files at your computer and open it. Check the address of your file in your computer and press Upload. The chosen file will be added and will appear on screen. Then continue to the required product's page.

  • Upload file (MSDS, Data Sheet…) at the product's page: Find the "MSDS, Data Sheets, Articles" raw, press "Add New", and browse for your required file and press it. Then press "Save" at the bottom of the product's page.

  • Upload images (Product's photo) at the product's page: Find the "Images" raw, press "Add New", and browse for your required file in both image rows (Thumbnail Image and Large Image) and press the required file at both rows. Then press "Save" at the bottom of the product's page.
  • Only images (.jpg, .gif, .png) and PDF files (.pdf) can be uploaded. If another file with the same filename already exists, it will be overwritten.

  • Delete or Change name of uploaded file - On the right side of every file there are buttons for deleting and changing the name of this file.

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Viewing all orders from your account

You can view and follow every order you receive at "Orders Status List" page. For each order you will be able to view:

  • Sequential number – A unique number for every order. This number will help you and ChemCenters identify each order.

  • Ordered date – The date you received the order, it is filled automatically.

  • Paid date – The date in which you receive your money transaction. This date is filled by you after you receive and confirm the money transaction of the order.

  • Shipped date – The date in which your order was shipped. This date is filled by you. In case your order was sent with more then one shipment, the date you will enter is the date of the last shipment.

  • Delivered date – The date the buyer receives his order. This date is filled by the buyer and represents confirmation for receiving the order.

  • Price – Total amount of the order in US dollars.