Posting RFQ

We seek to give each one of our customers a quotation for the products he looks for. Therefore, in case you do not find the product you look for, please send ChemCenters request for quotation (RFQ) for what you look for and we will find it for you, no charge.

There are 3 ways to send ChemCenters RFQ:

  1. Short RFQ If you did a free search and no results were found, short RFQ form will be shown. Enter you short request and we will get back to you with an answer. The same form will appear when you press the "comment" link in each product's row.

  2. Long RFQ If we wish to ask for complicated request with more technical information, you can use our RFQ form (link is located at the top of each page).

  3. Contact Us You can send us simple email with your request.

This way we are working together to fulfill your needs. Give us as much information as possible, so we can know better what you look for.