Buyer's Zone

Check your buyer's benefits:

  1. Free registration - to our site.

  2. Finding chemical products easily - with smart search engines, without any registration.

  3. No fees for buyers - Buyers don't have to pay for ChemCenter's services, all services are free. Seller's fee is calculated within the product's price.

  4. Best prices - By getting full information about the product, including prices and item location, you get very competitive prices and also save time by getting quotations without requesting.

  5. Buying process is easy and safe.

  6. All payment methods are possible:
    • Online payment Via Paypal (limited up to a maximum $1,000 for an order).

    • Offline payment Every paying method is possible according to agreement with the seller.

  7. You can cancel the order - Cancellation of any order can be made during the first 2 business days from the day of the order without charging a penalty.

  8. Minimize your risk Using Paypal only, The buyer transfers his payment to ChemCenter Paypal account for safekeeping and ChemCenter transfers it to the supplier only after the product was received and approved by the buyer.

  9. View your order details - Buyers get a free tool to view their orders' list and the status of each individual order.

  10. Get personal attention - Each deal gets the close attention from our local representative who will provide technical and logistical support during all buying process and will answer any questions that can help its completion.

  11. We answer every RFQ - If the requested product is not posted, then ChemCenter will use its resources (free of charge) in order to help the buyer get the best product quotations. Simply fill in the RFQ form.