Seller's Benefits

ChemCenter has developed a unique and simple chemical marketing platform in order to enable chemical deals all around the world. By promoting and advertising your products, we have considered ourselves your worldwide chemical dealer.
No risk for you, we only give you the platform to reach more potential buyers and the opportunity to enlarge your international business.

By using ChemCenters you receive:

  1. Free registration - to our site.

  2. List unlimited number of products for free.

  3. We market your listed product for you Our agents around the world working to sell listed products. We also use internet marketing methods to pull potential customers to your chemical products' pages.

  4. Get personal attention - Each deal gets the close attention from our local representative who will provide technical and logistical support during all selling process and will answer any questions that can help its completion.

  5. All payment methods are possible:

    • Online payment Via Paypal (limited up to a maximum $1,000 for an order).

    • Offline payment Every paying method is possible according to agreement with the buyer.

  6. You can cancel the order - Cancellation of any order can be made during the first 2 business days from the day of the order without charging a penalty.

  7. Each deal requires seller's approval - In each deal the supplier knows the buyer's identity and can address for further information before closing the deal.

  8. View your order details - Sellers get a free tool to view and manage their orders' list.

  9. Pay commission only for deals done check our low ChemCenters' Fees.

  10. You can post your products with or without prices You will receive request for quotation (RFQ) for products without prices, however, products with prices receive more attention from buyers.

Why does ChemCenters much different from any other chemical marketplace?

  • ChemCenters is based on agents around the world that are working for the interests of the suppliers in order to make the deal safe and to connect between the needs of both the buyers and the suppliers.

  • The ChemCenters' search engine is simple, fast and very advanced. Buyers can find easily what they are looking for.

  • The buying process is easy, fast and protected according to the guidelines of ISO 9001/2000 regulations.

  • Our income comes from completing deals and not from advertising. That is why we only focus on completing the chemical deals.

  • We are not subordinate to any supplier or manufacturer.

  • You work with people and not just computers. We give you our personal attention to help you fulfil your needs. We are available 24/7 through e-mail, phone, or fax. Contact Us and we promise a reply within 48 hours.

We suggest a risk-free tool for you to sell your product. The only thing you have to do is to register or Contact Us and we'll go from there.