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Using ChemCenters is absolutely free for buyers. Chemical buyers can use all ChemCenters services for free.
Our services include:

  1. Free membership -Register to ChemCenters now.

  2. Free Search - Finding chemical products easily, no registration is required.

  3. Easy and safe buying process – Ordering a product at ChemCenters takes 2 minutes, Learn how it works.

  4. All paying methods are possible - See Optional paying methods.

  5. Manage your order - ChemCenters' members have a free tool to view their orders list.

  6. Personal Attention - Each deal gets the close attention from a ChemCenters' representative who will provide technical and logistical support during all buying process and will answer any questions that can help its completion.

  7. Send RFQ for free - Sending request for quotation is easy and free. If the requested product is not posted, then ChemCenters will use its resources (free of charge) in order to help the buyer get the best product quotations, Send RFQ.

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