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Step 3 - Continue with the buying process

Buying process begins when you find your chemicals products and after you added them to your shopping cart. Then, pressing continue at your shopping cart connects you to our secure buying area. There you will be asked to register or sign in (depends whether you have a member account at ChemCenters or not), choosing shipping and paying methods and finally to review your order.

Step 4 Offline coordination of shipping and paying method

After you sent your order, ChemCenters will contact you to coordinate your preferred paying and shipping methods. Pay attention: The seller of your product must confirm your preferred paying and shipping methods, in case he will not confirm them then we will try to coordinate other paying and shipping methods that will be accepted by you and the seller both.

Step 5 - Use My Account

My Account allows buyers and sellers at ChemCenters to review, follow and update their orders. Every member has his own account. Visit your account often to follow your order.