Search & Browse at ChemCenters

Searching a specific product can take a lot of time. Learn the searching procedure at ChemCenters in order to minimize it, to evaluate better the results of your search and to use ChemCenters' search tools wisely.

Step 1 - Search or browse

You can start finding your product in two ways: Free searching or browsing our categories.

In order to find a specific product you can use the free search bar on the top of each page at ChemCenter site. All you have to do is enter key words for your product and submit the search by pressing on Enter key on your keyboard or on the button on the right side of the searching bar.
Learn more about searching:
  • Searching chemicals is no like any product search check our Tips for Searching.

  • Learn more about our Advanced Search option.

  • If you still can't find what you're looking for, ChemCenters will find it for you. Use our Request for Quotation Form (RFQ Form) and tell us and all ChemCenters sellers the products that you need.

  • Browse
    Another way to find products is by browsing ChemCenters categories on the left side of ChemCenters' web pages. Using this option is recommended in case you do not know exactly what you are looking for or in case you just want to explore ChemCenters posted products.

    Combine searching methods: You can also combine the two searching method. You can start browsing in the category of chemicals that interest you, and then to use search within results option to optimize your search.

    Step 2 Optimize your search

    After getting your search results, you can choose between starting a new search and searching within your current results. In order to search within results, mark the button beneath the search bar "search within results" and type only the new key words for the searching. In this option you don't need to repeat the same words that you choose on the previous search.

    Step 3 - View more details of products

    Search results are a list of product rows matching your search, each product row contains basic information about the product. In order to view more general and technical details of products, you can view the product page by pressing on the product row.