ChemCenters' Buying Process

Here you can view in details ChemCenters buying procedure. Follow each one of the steps below in order to understand better the way our buying process works.

Step 1 Search and find your products

Searching chemical at ChemCenters is very simple, Learn more how to Search at ChemCenters.

Step 2 Add your products to "My Cart"

You can add products to "My Cart" from the chosen product row or from the detailed page of the product. In both cases you need to choose the quantity of the product you want and then press the order button (or the cart symbol). When you finish filling your buying cart, check it again and then press the continue button to enter ChemCenters safe area to complete the purchase.

Step 3 Register or sign in to your account at ChemCenters

Every buyer at ChemCenters must be registered. After filling your cart with products and entering to our safe area you will be asked first to sign in to your account or to register if you do not have an account at ChemCenters.
Note: Your registration information is your billing information.

Step 4 Check your billing and shipping address and accept ChemCenters buying policy

Check again your billing information and update your information if needed. Then, read and accept ChemCenters buying policy and choose whether to ship your order to your billing address or to a different address. If you choose to ship the order to a different address then you will be able to edit it on the next page.

Step 5 Choose your preferred shipping forwarder

Here you can choose your preferred shipping method, learn more About Choosing Your Shipping Forwarder.

Step 6 Review your order and choose paying method

Check all details of your order are according to your choice. Choose your preferred paying method.
Learn more about Optional Paying Methods.

Step 7 Pay your order with Paypal (In case you choose this paying method)

You will be transferred to Paypal web site to continue with the money transaction. You transaction will be transferred to ChemCenters account and will be transferred to the seller only after you will receive and confirm your order. Learn more about buyers benefits by using Paypal.

Step 8 Verify your order was completed and check your email for a receipt

After you finish your purchase you will receive a message about completing your purchase. You will also receive a receipt email with all details of your order. Save this receipt until you receive your order. If you didn't receive an email, please Contact Us.

Step 9 Contact ChemCenters and seller to coordinate offline payments and shipping of the order

If you choose to pay your order offline (Wire transfer, LC etc.), the seller will receive the details of your order (also your preferred paying and shipping methods) and he will notice you and ChemCenters if he can meet your order.
If the seller confirms your order, ChemCenters and the seller will contact you to coordinate money transaction and order shipping.
If the seller does not confirm your order and your preferred paying and shipping method, we will notice you and also we will try to coordinate changes in the order between you and the seller. When your original order isn't confirmed by the seller, you will be able to cancel the order without any fee.
Note: you can also cancel the order during the next 2 days from the time of the order.

Step 10 Check "My Account" to get updates of your order.

Your order will be sent to your ChemCenters' account immediately after submitting the order. There you can track your order and seller's updates about your order.
Learn more about "My account".

Step 11 Confirm receiving your products at "My Account"

After you receive all the products you ordered, please enter to "My Account" in order to confirm this. If you paid with Paypal, ChemCenters will transfer the money to the seller's account only after you confirm receiving the products. In case there is any dispute with the seller about the order or the products, ChemCenters will not transfer the money to the seller or you until the dispute will be over.

Step 12 Tell us your feedback

We will appreciate your feedback about the service you receive from us and from the sellers of your order. Please tell us every comment, advice and things that you think can be done better.
We thank you in advance. Contact Us.