Get Personal Attention from ChemCenters team

We give personal attention for every request you have or action you make. We deal with companies and businesses all around the world. We know that buying and selling of chemicals can't only be done by computers. Therefore, every deal is personally followed by ChemCenters' representatives in order to make sure the deal is properly done.

Trading with chemical is not like any other purchase in the internet. We know that! Therefore, we use our personal attitude towards our customers at both trading methods:

  • Traditional method We use regular communicating methods like phone, fax and emails to work with our partners, buyers and sellers of chemicals. In this case every buyer that looks for a chemical product, we will find it for him while using our chemical suppliers resources.

  • Advanced Method In this method sellers can post all their products' information and allow buyers to order online via PayPal (all other payment methods are also possible). ChemCenters will follow each deal to ensure it is done properly.

At the end, you will be the one to choose the way you want to do business!!

We are here to help you, that's all!!