Market Your Products at Google and other search engines

ChemCenters works very hard to market the site and its products at Google and other search engines.

ChemCenters post ads at Google in order to pull more potential buyers of chemical. We use all kind of optimizing tools to make our marketing programs efficient and focused. By advertising ChemCenters we actually advertise your chemical products.

Potential buyers that surf Google or any other search engine will be able to find your product's page and get directly to it.
How do we do it? Each of your products in ChemCenters has its own unique page. For each page ChemCenters determine a unique name that will represent your product in a way Google and other search engine will be able to find easily.

Each of the products at ChemCenters is also posted at Froogle (Google's selling web site). At Froogle, buyers have a link directly to your product page in order to receive more technical information and in order to continue with the buying process at ChemCenters.

Note: It takes few months until search engines like Google, Yahoo, Alta-Vista etc. scan your products' pages. Post your products now in order to minimize this time.