Optional Paying Methods

There are several basic methods of receiving payment for products.
The major factor that determines the method of payment is the amount of trust in the buyer's ability and willingness to pay. Ranked in order from most secure for the seller to least secure, the basic methods of payment are:

  1. Paypal

  2. LC - Letter of Credit

  3. T/T - Telegraphic Transfers, Wire Transfer

  4. CAD - Cash against Documents

  5. Drafts

  6. Sight Drafts

  7. Time Drafts and Date Drafts

  8. Credit cards

  9. Open Account

Note: ChemCenters presents this information for the convenient of our customers. There are different paying methods available and we decided to present the main ones. Coosing the paying method is according to the buyer's and the seller's needs and on their responsibility.

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