Advanced Search

In order to narrow you search for more specific results, you can use ChemCenters advanced search. The link for advanced search is located on the right side of the searching bar. About Advanced Search:

  1. Search by Keywords – Enter your keywords for the search.

  2. Industrial Section – Search according to the industry that your product is related to. That way you will search on your specific industry. For example: Aerospace, Metal finishing etc.

  3. Material Group –Search according to material group. For example: Adhesive, Coating, Fabric etc.

  4. Manufacturer – Search according to products' manufacturers listed in ChemCenters.

  5. Item Location – Search according to the country where the product. Pay attention: Item location represent the location of the item, not its supplier that can be located in different country.

  6. Package Type - Search according to the requiered package type. For example: Bag, Aerosol, Bottle etc.

  7. Price Range – Search according to the price of the product. You can choose between 6 fixed ranges.

When you finish filling the advanced search form, press the button "Search".

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