Start Selling

Follow these easy steps to sell on ChemCenters.

  1. Fill out Seller Registration Form. Every seller at ChemCenters is approved by us, we do it in order to verify the quality of our sellers. After submitting the seller registration form, we will check your request to become seller at ChemCenters. We will get back to you during the next 2 business days from the day you submit your request.

  2. Receive a password for your account. If you will be approved as a seller at ChemCenters, you will receive from us email with a password for your seller account.

  3. Manage your account by accessing all sellers' links in our supplier's zone. Your seller account enable you to:

    • Enter, View and Update your listed products - You will be able to view and update all your listed products.
      Learn more about Listing My Product.

    • Check the status of your order list – You can view all orders made from you and all their history. View full details of each order by pressing the ID number of each row (double click on the ID number will open the order in different window). You can also update Shipped and delivered dates for your, ChemCenters and buyer convenience. Orders Status List

    • Upload files and photos – In order to attach photos of your products and files (like MSDS, data sheet etc.) you first need to upload them to ChemCenters site and then you can create a link to them using the products update section. Upload Files and Images

  4. Communicate with your buyer – Before and after the deal is done, you can communicate with the buyer and also with ChemCenters representative that will help you to close the deal. Remember – you can cancel purchase order within 2 business days from purchase with no fee.

  5. Receive Payment:

    • If the buyer paid with PayPal, the seller will receive an email confirming payment was transferred to ChemCenters' Paypal account. ChemCenters will transfer the payment to the seller only after the buyer confirms receiving the order.

    • If the buyer paid or will pay using another paying method, then payment will be transferred to the seller according to payment agreement with the buyer before the deal is closed. In this case ChemCenters is not involved with the payment agreement.

  6. Ship the product to the buyer – Shipping method and packing will be determined before the deal is closed and the seller must follow the agreement that was done with the buyer.

  7. Give ChemCenters feedback about the buyer - Your feedback about your buyer is important information for other seller.

Note: Every seller at ChemCenters uses Paypal services for purchases up to 1000$. You don’t need to open your own PayPal account.
Learn more about Paypal for Sellers.