Tips for Listing Products

Here are some tips to help you list your products on ChemCenters.

  • Make sure the item is legal and allowed. If you are not sure that your item is allowed, check ChemCenters's policies on prohibited, questionable and infringing items.

  • Take one or more pictures of your item in a well-lit area. Effective pictures that are sharp and bright will help sell your item. Evenly distributed artificial or natural light is better than a camera’s flash for most items. A tripod steadies your camera and ensures your picture will be in focus.

  • Choose the most specific category available. This will help buyers find your item.

  • Imagine you were the buyer when you prepare the title and description for your listing. What would you want to know about the item? What are its most appealing characteristics? What words might buyers use to search for your item? Keep the item close by in case you need to add information to your description.

  • Save time by composing your item description in a word authoring program first, and then pasting it into the item description area in the product's form. Be clear and complete, but use short sentences that are easy to read.