Uploading Files & Images

You can add photos and files to each one of your products in order to give more general information about the each listed item. Attaching files and images is done with 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Uploading the file/image to ChemCenters' site On the "Supplier's Zone", press "Upload Files & Images" link, enter your email and password, press browse button and mark your requested file or image. At the end press the "Upload" button. The file or image will appear inside the list of files.
    Note: Only images (.jpg, .gif, .png) and PDF files (.pdf) can be uploaded. If another file with the same filename already exists, it will be overwritten.

  • Step 2: Attaching the files and images to their products - On the "Supplier's Zone", press "List & Update Products" link and press the ID number of the relevant product (If the relevant product does not exist, then add new product). Go to the images/ MSDS, Data Sheets and Articles sections on the product's form and browse for the relevant file/image you uploaded to the site before.

  • Note: When you enter an image, it is recommended to enter thumbnail image and large image.

    • Thumbnail Image (the first row) - The image that will appear at your account beside your product's row. It is meant for you to be able to identify your products easily through all your products.

    • Large image (the second row) - The image that will appear at the product's page for the buyer to see your product.

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