Paypal for Sellers

Paypal is a web based platform that enables money transactions through the internet using credit cards. Paypal has a lot of advantages for sellers of products which are more significant in small amount of transactions (up to $1000). Here are the main benefits of sellers using Paypal:

  1. Buyer pays for the purchase in advance (minimum risk for the seller).

  2. You can receive money online from 190 countries and regions.

  3. You receive money without sharing financial information.

  4. Paying procedure is simple and done as a part of the buying process at ChemCenters.

  5. Sellers pay commissions only when a purchase is done.

How it is done?

Each buyer can choose using Paypal services for every purchase below 1000$. If he chooses to do so, the money for the purchase is transferred in advance to ChemCenters' Paypal account for keeping until the purchase is done and the buyer receives and confirms the order. Only then the money will be transferred to the seller's Paypal account minus ChemCenters' and Paypal's fees (check ChemCenters Fees). Then, the seller can withdraw the money to his bank account with no additional fee. This way we keep on the interests of the buyer and the seller both.
Paypal service proves itself time after time and generates more successful deals on ChemCenters.

Note: ChemCenters do not use Paypal on transactions over 1000$ because Paypal commission becomes not worthy. In special circumstances ChemCenters allow using Paypal in transactions above 1000$, but it will be with detailed coordination with the buyer and the seller prior to purchase.

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