Conflicts with another ChemCenters member

Most conflicts on ChemCenters arise from simple misunderstandings between the buyer and the seller. As a result, early and open communication is the best way to solve the majority of disputes. Here are some tips for communicating with Your Trading Partner to help you resolve problems as quickly and easily as possible.

ChemCenters helps buyers and seller to resolve any conflict between them regarding deals done at our site. Examples of conflicts that may occur:
  1. Payments transfer problems.

  2. An item not received.

  3. An item is received but significantly not as described.

Every time a conflict occurs, ChemCenters encourages buyers and sellers to communicate directly with each other and also encourages informing us about the conflict. Usually simple communicating resolves the conflict. In any case, we will help to resolve the conflict according to the following 4 steps:

Step 1: The buyer or the seller Contact ChemCenters regarding the conflict. It is important to send also documents and emails to prove the case. That way we will get a better idea of the conflict.

Step 2: ChemCenters sends clarification questions to the buyer and seller in order to understand the conflict better from all sides and to find optional ways to resolve the problem.

Step 3: The buyer and the seller communicate directly. After ChemCenters suggest optional ways to resolve the problem, direct communication between the buyer and the seller is necessary to decide the final solution. Most of the time, this communication leads to resolution before further steps are taken.

Step 4: The conflict is closed. In case the conflict didn't resolved, ChemCenters team will personally deal with each conflict to understand the steps needed to be taken. Frauds or actions that were made not according to ChemCenters' Rules and Policies may cause listing cancellation, limits on account privileges, account suspension and more.

  • In case your item is damaged or lost, you should contact the shipping company directly to learn about the type of coverage they provide.

  • If you paid for an item with a credit card and you did not receive the item, contact your credit card company and ask about their protection services. Most credit card companies provide 100% online protection.

  • If a deal was done using Paypal service, ChemCenters will keep the payment in its Paypal account until the conflict will be resolved.

Every conflict gets our full and personal attention. The resolving conflict service is done to ensure honesty and integrity of our customers and to make the buying and selling experience better. The service is free of charge.