Partners Page
These are our business partners. Would you like to work with us? Please Contact Us.
PMAC - Purchasing Management Association of Cleveland
Clean Fuel Cell Energy - Provides fuel cell information and materials for laboratory needs
YMPCC - Supplier of fertilizers
S. G. Pinney - Protective Coating Engineer
Williams Consulting and Energy Services Inc.
Business Development Consulting
Clean Energy Technology
Wireless and Telehealth Solutions
Donauchem Polska
Distributor of raw materials and semi-finished chemicals.
Shanghai Everchem Co., Ltd
Producer of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates.
Golcha Group
Producer of Talc .
Innomet Metal Powders
Developing And Manufacturing Metal and Alloy Powders .
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Suzhou Synthetic Chemical Co. Ltd.
Specialized pharmachemical, food/feed additive and basic chemical material manufacturer.
Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co. Ltd.
Specialized water treatment agent manufacturers in China, who can produce almost all kinds of the water treatment agents.
Shanghai Greatsun Industry Co. Ltd.
Uses coal to produce benzene as raw materials for maleic anhydride.
VJCHEM Canada Inc.
Leading manufacturer and exporters of chemicals.
Nilkamal Chem Industries
Silica gel manufacturer.
Wuhan Hezhong Chemical Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
Fine chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical & its intermediates.
GROWING-UP International Corp.
Bio-fertilizer and MOCA (PU curing agent) manufacturer
Fluid chemical supplier for drilling and exploration.
Hebeichengxin Co., ltd.
Largest production base of Cyanidum and its derivatives in China
Shandong Fufeng Fermentation Co.,Ltd.
Xanthan gum manufacturer.
Shanghai Greatsun Industry Co. Ltd.
One of the leading manufacturers of maleic anhydride and fumaric acid in China.
ABLE Aerospace Inc.
The Best Global Sources for: Chemicals - Raw Materials. -E-mail: [email protected]
Beijing Odyssey Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Joint venture with new high technology in the field of fluorescent brighteners and intermediates.
Agent, Supplier and Consultant for: chemicals, composite materials. Specializes in Aerospace Materials. -E-mail: [email protected]